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The Gardens of the Royal Palace – Caserta

The gardens of the Caserta Royal Palace were proclaimed the most beautiful historical gardens in Italy in 2010. 

As you can read in the article dedicated to the interiors of the Royal Palace of Caserta, their endless beauty attracts countless tourists every year who, after visiting the royal apartments, can enjoy a relaxing walk through the Meadows of the King.
The Royal Gardens of Caserta are the green lung of Luigi Vanvitelli’s architectural project. They stretch for 120 hectares are characterized by a style halfway between baroque and neoclassicism that we also find in the interiors of the Royal Palace.

The presence of the different fountains helps to direct the gaze both towards the end of the gardens and towards the Palace depending on the observation point, creating a sort of “telescope effect” while looking into the distance. A truly breathtaking view.
Walking along all the gardens we meet alternating fountains and waterfalls, each dedicated to a history of mythology or characterized by a very precise meaning.

Among the extraordinary works you can see the famous Diana and Actaeon Fountain.

This fountain tells the story of Attone who, going out hunting, saw Diana while bathing. Diana then, angry, turned Actaeon into a deer that was then mauled by his own hunting dogs. Looking at this wonderful piece of art, it seems that the statues and the water itself stage this event. Awesome!

Next to the large waterfall you can visit the English Garden, built in 1782 at the request of Maria Carolina who financed it with her money the designer Andrew John Graefer called by Lord Hamilton.
Once you cross the entrance, it will seem to enter another era: romantic paths, exotic species of plants and flowers, swimming pools and waterfalls are able to excite tourists of all ages.
And still, ruins adorned with statues, ponds, avenues, paths, statues from the excavations of Pompeii, The Venus kneeling on a rock in the center of a pond create an environment with timeless charm. 

Be aware that the route from the Royal Palace to the English Gardens stretches for a few km and, especially on the way, is uphill. So if you want to stop for a coffee break take the opportunity when you meet the food courts located at the beginning and end of the falls: you will find one inside the building, just before entering the park, and the other near the English Garden. Along the avenues that lead to the top of the park you will find benches where you can rest whenever you want.

Also remember that, due to AntiCovid regulations, you will have to book the Entrance to the palace on the time slots available from the official website


 How to get to the Palace of Caserta

The Palace of Caserta is well connected to Naples, so you can reach it using the car.
You can also choose to travel by public transport, arriving at Caserta station by train since it is a few minutes walk from the Palace. In this case, however, pay attention to the hourly tables of arrival and departure of trains and consider that a full visit to the Palace can last from 4 to 6 hours.
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