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Lights of artist of Salerno

Curiosity and history about Salerno’s artist light 2021

Lights of artist of Salerno is a festival born in 2006 that never stops to disappoint, fascinate and enchant, giving a daydream to hundreds of thousands of visitors who go to admire the spectacle of the lights of Salerno.
This festival over the years has achieved bigger and bigger numbers until the last edition with about 700 thousand people, inflows over the 3 months of the exhibition and about 40 km of cables for over 30 km of roads and streets affected by the exhibitions. Lights of artist is an exhibition that unites different places in Italy. A twinning with Turin has been done for some years: the two cities, in fact, often use to “exchange” each other the most beautiful works in order to make them even more accessible to the public.

The 2021 edition of Salerno’s artist light

The edition of Artist Lights this year is different from the previous ones for several reasons, such as: amount of lights, places of exposure and Covid measures. As regard this latter, the city of Salerno has carried out several actions to comply with Covid standards without affecting in any way the magnificent experience of the lights of Salerno. The spectacle of the lights could not be interrupted this year because according to the Mayor of Salerno: “represents a sign of hope for the future, to contribute to the restart of the economy of trade and tourism for the whole city of Salerno”.


In which dates and places can you visit the lights of artist of Salerno in 2021?

This year the festival “Artist Lights” was inaugurated on 3 December 2021! The lights are lit every day from 17:00 until 23 January 2022! In the first weekend the Lights of Artist of Salerno have already had a great success. Many visitors from many parts of Italy have flocked to Villa Comunale, on Corso Vittorio Emanuele and in Via Mercanti, to visit the wonderful and spectacular exhibitions!
Below you will find the main locations where Lights of Artist of Salerno 2021 was installed:

  • Villa Comunale where 3 works representing mythological figures were exhibited: the Phoenix, the Unicorn and the winged horse Pegasus;
  • Portanova square with the newest Christmas Tree;
  • Flavio Gioia square with The Flowered Tree (Tree of Life);
  • Mons. Grasso square where there is the installation Tree with stars and lights;
  • Vittorio Veneto square with the giant work of Santa Claus;
  • Gian Camillo Gloriosi square with the installation Scarpa;
  • Caduti square in Brescia with the Santa Claus Hat.

What are the most beautiful lights to see?

Christmas tree

For this XVI edition, the Christmas Tree of Salerno is in Portanova square with its 20 meters high, 800 branches and 72 thousand white leds with flashing effect. Will this be the flagship of this new edition of artist lights?


The flowered tree in Flavio Gioia square

In what is perhaps one of the most particular squares of Salerno, Flavio Gioia square, also known as “la rotonda”, for this edition, spring will arrive early with the Flowered Tree, 15 meters high.


How to get to the Salerno’s artist light

Salerno is well connected to Naples, so you can reach it easly by car. You can also choose to travel by public transport, arriving at the station of Salerno by train as it is relatively close to the historic center.
If instead you want to reach “Artist Lights” more comfortably by car, avoiding the considerable traffic caused by the people who rush to not miss the light show, you can travel with us: private transfers NaplesNCC will take you where you prefer, with flexible hours and a professional driver at your disposal. If you want to visit the city of Salerno, you can also discover the services offered by Shore Excursion – Tours & Experiences: we can also organize a private tour for you! Contact us and we define together the best solution for you!

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