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Reggia di Caserta: the Italian Versailles

The Reggia di Caserta is one of the most fascinating places in Italy. It was designed by Luigi Vanvitelli and transformed into the home of the monarch Carlo di Borbone, fascinated by the beauty of Caserta: for safety reasons the flight away from the sea and inland, but not from Naples. The construction project went a bit long.
During the care of 1764, in fact, the palace was used as a shelter for the poor and needy. Meanwhile, master Vanvitelli died and left the reins of the project in the hands of his son Carlo, who finished it in 1845.
Think that in the construction of this palace were employed as many as 3,000 workers, including prisoners as laborers!
Not everyone knows that the Palace of Caserta is the largest palace in the world: it covers an area of 45,000 square meters, on five floors, with: 1200 luxurious rooms, precious frescoes on the ceiling, 143 windows and 34 steps.

The interiors of the Reggia di Caserta, between splendor and elegance

The work, in addition to being spectacular from a scenic point of view, is also at an architectural level, because it combines a variety of styles in the arrangement and decorative details including Baroque, Renaissance and neoclassical.
Also for these reasons, in 1997 the Palace of Caserta was declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.
On the right side of the entrance of the palace we find the famous “Scalone d’onore”: an elegant staircase 18.50 meters wide, 117 steps long.
Immediately we meet the Statue of Charles of bourbon, which sits on the back of a lion, symbol of courage and truth.
Climb the stairs to the top floor and you can visit the Palatine Church, which clearly originates from the Palace of Versailles.
On the left you enter the royal apartment, characterized by numerous front rooms with large windows, precious Louis XVI style furniture, chandeliers, ceiling decorations, walls, and finally many paintings of historical and artistic value.
Do not miss the Sala dell’Alabarda, the Palazzo delle Guardie, the Sala di Alessandria, the Sala di Marte, the Sala del Trono, the Biblioteca Palatina and the Teatro di Corte.
Little gem: in the elliptical hall there is a Neapolitan nativity scene of the eighteenth century with more than 1,200 characters!
The Bourbons were a deeply religious family. In fact, some documents show that the rulers often actively participated in the creation of the Nativity scene, following the typical Neapolitan nativity tradition. It even seems that Charles of Bourbon, his wife Amalia of Saxony and his son Ferdinand used to finish the packaging of the clothes and place the figurines that formed the Nativity scene.
Precisely because they were passionate about this wonderful art, the rulers decided to create a permanent nativity scene installation in the elliptical Hall of the Palace of Caserta, using as characters figurines that represented ordinary people from the most diverse professions: musicians, shepherds, traders.
Attached to the Queen’s apartments, finally, you will find a Palatine Library with over 14,000 volumes, finely decorated with reliefs and frescoes including the one that reproduces the zodiac signs and the constellations, executed on the drawing of Vanvitelli himself.
And in the palace of wonders could not miss a stage worthy of its audience: in the second courtyard on the left, in fact, we find the Teatro di Corte, basically a scale version of the Teatro San Carlo in Naples.
After the wonderful visit to the interior of the Reggia, we recommend you to lose yourself – literally-in the magnificence of the gardens, proclaimed in 2010 the most beautiful historical gardens in Italy.
Of this, however, we will write in another article: their greatness and beauty deserve to be protagonists. For a coffee break you can stop at the food courts located at the beginning and end of the Palace: you will find one inside the building, just before entering the park.

How to get to Reggia di Caserta

The Reggia di Caserta is well connected to Naples, so you can reach it by car. If you choose to use public transport, however, it should be considered that the Palace is not exactly in the city center, the visit will be organized with care to travel the travel times.
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