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Holidays in September: how to choose where to go?

Have you worked hard all summer and found yourself having to move your well-deserved holidays to September? September is a particular month: perfect for some destinations and can be good for others, a good compromise in some cases and to be excluded in others.

If you don’t know where to go on holiday in September, here are some destination ideas and some suggestions for how to choose.

Understand what you are looking for
The main motivation of those leaving for a holiday in September this year will probably be relaxation. So the desire to go out, to be outdoors but also to rest and recover energy will certainly be the basis of the next holidays.

At the same time, the desire for freedom could still be accompanied by uncertainties and fear, as well as discomfort in finding oneself in situations of possible gathering. Traveling in September is ideal from this point of view, because there are already normally more opportunities to enjoy less crowded beaches and more liveable hotels than in July and August. If, on the other hand, you are looking for adventurous travels or new places to explore, this year you could choose a less touristy destination. For example, a journey through nature, where there is an abundance of open and isolated spaces. Instead, you probably don’t want to queue in front of museums or crowding into closed places, so the need for cultural travel for 2022 will still remain in the background, especially in the group tour mode.

Evaluate possible goals
Even for the holiday in September, Italy will probably remain the main destination. Alternatively, you will probably be considering some European countries, mainly Greece and Spain if we stick to the hypothesis of staying at the sea.

Speaking of climate, which is one of the best ways to skim among the possible travel destinations, the Mediterranean still remains an optimal destination while for example we must exclude the entire Caribbean belt, with the exception of Aruba and the other Netherlands Antilles which remain off the route. hurricanes (very likely in September on all other islands).

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