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Christmas in Campania: where to go and what to do

Christmas is approaching and you still don’t know how to spend the pre-holiday period? Fear not, in this article we present 5 destinations in Campania perfect for the occasion.

San Gregorio Armeno: the best nativity scenes in Campania for Christmas

Located in the historic center of Naples and characterized by the artisans’ stores that adorn it year-round, Via San Gregorio Armeno during the Christmas season is tinged with a different hue: nativity scenes of all sizes built by hand by masters of this art that distinguishes the city fill the street and make San Gregorio Armeno one of the must-see stops for those who want to spend Christmas in Campania.

San Gregorio Armeno - Napoli

Limatola Castle: the most atmospheric place to spend Christmas in Campania

During the year it is used as a location for weddings and other events, but between November and December it hosts one of the largest Christmas markets in Europe and certainly in Campania.
Limatola is a medieval village located in the province of Benevento, and its castle stands over it. Cadeaux al Castello, as the event is called, occupies almost the entire fortress with stands and much more suitable for both children and adults making the experience of the visit unique. This year it will be possible to visit the castle in this capacity on the weekends of Nov. 11, 12, 13 and 18, 19, 20 and then, without interruption, from Nov. 25 to Dec. 11.

Castello di Limatola - Benevento

Luci d’artista: a sight not to be missed if you’re spending Christmas in Campania

To spend a perfect Christmas in Campania, you cannot miss a visit to Salerno, which from November 19 until January 15 is illuminated with its luci d’artista: shows of colors created by the best artists that decorate the entire city, starting from the furthest streets and ending at the square with the big Illuminated tree. The illuminations, different every year, create not only decorations, but also stories that enchant and accompany those who want to walk through the city, even to the waterfront.

luci d'artista Salerno

Pietrarsa Railway Museum: the unexpected, yet enchanting union of Christmas and trains present only in Campaniahttps:

A special location, but the Pietrarsa National Railway Museum presents the fourth edition of its Christmas Market from Dec. 3 to Jan. 8. Characteristic wooden stands, music and above all a lot of food, all dedicated to the Christmas tradition of Campania. The events prepared for this market are varied, suitable for both adults and children, the former will be dedicated to cabaret shows, while the latter will be given the opportunity to write a letter to send to Santa Claus.

Museo ferroviario di Pietrarsa - Napoli

Christmas market in Castellabate: in Campania, even the sea is tinged with the holidays

From December 2 to 11, the historic town of Castellabate, one of the most beautiful coastal towns in Campania, will be transformed in preparation for Christmas, offering another edition of its market in an evocative location such as October 10 Square and its adjacent streets. Along the medieval streets, there will be stands offering handicrafts, food tasting and sweets typical of the Cilento area, but it will also be possible to enjoy shows and much more not to be missed.


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