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Campania hinterland: 5 places not to be missed

montesarchio - entroterra campa
Anyone has heard of the beauty of the Coast and very often we stop to believe that they are the only wonders the region has to offer, but Campania’s hinterland should not be underestimated either. Rich in rural views and panoramas in this article we will discuss some of the best villages that the hinterland has to offer.

Montesarchio: the city meets myth

Counted among one of the most beautiful villages in Italy, Montesarchio is located in the province of Benevento. A town rich in history that can be seen above all at the Longobard Castle, now home to the Museum of Archaeology, and with the church of San Francesco belonging to the 14th century.
But the city doesn’t miss a thing: making this inland city of Campania famous is the Hercules fountain. It seems, in fact, that the hero accomplished one of his feats right near the town named after him, transforming Mons Erculis into Mons Arculi and then into the Montesarchio we know.



Nusco: where history takes over

Another village not to be missed is Nusco. It, too, is rich in history and will make you stroll inside it among its rural architecture and the 13th-century crypt in the Cathedral of St. Beloved. It is within the crypt that a special birth was discovered not long ago: the Madonna after childbirth is depicted with St. Joseph at her side, and around these statues are frescoes showing the birth of Jesus.
But Nusco not only has history to offer, there are picturesque landscapes such as the Belvedere di Porta Molino, and on the streets it is possible to buy food and other typical local products that will not be easily recovered.



Cava de Tirreni: a jewel of the Campania hinterland.

One of the most beautiful cities of the Campania hinterland, located in the province of Salerno and not far from the Amalfi Coast, Cava de Tirreni is also full of history, along with its palaces, but also the farmhouses and stores that can be found especially in Borgo Scacciaventi. Curious how the name of that village is due to one of the families who built one of their palaces there, but its conformation also protects from the currents.
Cava dei tirreni is really full of things to see, from the cathedral square with its Dolphin Fountain to the Villa Comunale, but even just walking among its buildings is an experience not to be missed.

cava de tirreni - entroterra campano


Castelcivita: a trip underground

Surely making this place famous are only its Caves, a natural underground cavity that is among the largest in the South. Two routes are possible to explore them, one for tourists, while the other, speleological, is only for the most experienced.
The Caves are certainly an experience not to be missed, but they are not the only thing Castelcivita has to offer. In fact, a visit to the village is recommended, with its picturesque houses, flights of stairs and parallel alleys that will make this a unique experience as well.


Monteverde: the most accessible village in the Campania hinterland

Spanning no less than three hills (Incoronata, Croce and Castello) Monteverde is located in the province of Avellino in upper Irpinia. In 2015 it was added to the most beautiful villages in Italy and in 2019 won an award as the most accessible town both for the paths created for the blind and those with hearing or motor impairments and for other technological services offered by the town such as wi-fi.
The history of Campania does not leave this village either, which has to rise above it a beautiful Longobard castle inside which there is also the MiGra, a Multimedia Museum that tells the story of the role of women in rural civilization.

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