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Are you coming to become a NCC driver?

Driver Napoli NCC

Requirements, regulations, costs, earnings and career opportunities. Find out everything you need to know to get the NCC license and become a chauffeur with driver.
Carrying out the role of NCC driver in Naples is a very popular job opportunity that could generate a good profit. It is a job that can be undertaken by all those who are at ease driving different means of transport. But this, of course, is not the only feature to have … If you want to know more, you are in the right place!
In fact, in this mini guide you will find a complete overview of the whole process that must be followed to obtain an NCC authorization and start working both as a freelancer and as an employee.

What does NCC mean?
The acronym NCC means “Rental With Driver” and defines a service consisting of non-scheduled public vehicles. In a nutshell, it is a public transport system that does not respect pre-established timetables and standard fares, but these vary according to the distance to be covered, the time taken and any special needs or requests of the customer.
The NCC can be used both individually and in groups, and is particularly suitable for business trips and representation, leisure or to reach the best summer or winter holiday destinations.
How do you become a NCC driver?
The basic requirements to become an NCC driver are the following:
1. Have had a B driving license for at least 3 years
2. Be over 21 years old
3. KB Certificate (Professional Qualification Certificate)
4. Registration in the Roll of drivers of non-scheduled public services
5. Having fulfilled school obligations
6. Not to have any criminal charges against you and not to have committed any crime.

How to get the ZIP code (KB) and enroll in the Role of drivers of non-scheduled public services?
To obtain an NCC authorization (or license) it is essential to obtain the Professional Qualification Certificate (CAP), more commonly referred to as KB. This certificate is a real “special license” which gives you the opportunity to drive taxis, cars and boats used for hire with driver.
The KB is obtained by taking an oral and written exam at the civil motorization.
The written exam consists of 20 questions which focus on:
* vehicle operation
* legislation on transport and the highway code
A maximum of 2 (two) mistakes can be made to be promoted.
The KB license is associated with B, therefore, like this one, it must be renewed every 5 years by undergoing a medical and ophthalmological examination at your driving school.
Once you have obtained the professional qualification certificate (KB), to obtain the NCC authorization, you must register and attend the Taxi / NCC School, with its final written and oral exam on the toponymy of the city.
Having successfully passed the exam, the next step is to register for the role of drivers of non-scheduled public services by going to the chamber of commerce of the municipality to which they belong.
The total cost for obtaining the KB and registering for the role, provides for expenses to be incurred which are around 900 euros.

Obtaining the proper NCC authorization
The NCC authorizations are not always available, they have a limited number and are assigned or issued based on the number of inhabitants of each Municipality through a specific competition notice on which the deadlines for submitting the application and all the assignment procedures are indicated.

How does the NCC work in Italy?
The regulations in force on the NCC in Italy all refer to Law no. 21 of 1992 and subsequent amendments. This is the framework law for the transport of people by non-scheduled public bus services, so it also applies to taxi drivers. We would like to clarify that between these two categories there are enormous differences.
Difference between NCC and taxi drivers
We must not confuse the NCC driver with a taxi driver, although these two categories may seem similar, in reality they are very different.
In particular:
* taxi drivers have dedicated areas or lay-bys where they can stop while waiting for customers. For the NCC this is not possible, the vehicle moves only from its own garage located within the Municipality to which the authorization belongs, only and exclusively when it has received a reservation from a customer.
* Taxi drivers have a taximeter so it is not possible to know in advance how much you will spend, while with the NCC the rate is agreed in advance, so as not to have surprises once you arrive at your destination.
* With the NCC license you can carry out your work inside and outside the Italian territory, regardless of where the user leaves. There are no territorial limits, in a nutshell you can also pick up a passenger in another region, the important thing that the vehicle always leaves from its home or garage. Taxis, on the other hand, can operate only and exclusively within the Municipality that issued its license.
* NCCs do not have hours, they can work at any time of day, every day of the year. While taxis are obliged to work on fixed shifts and out of turn, they CANNOT load customers at all.
The cars intended for rental with driver can be of any color (usually blue or black) and not necessarily white like taxis. Finally, they must show on the front windshield and on the rear window, the wording “rental”, while on the rear plate a clearly visible metal shield must be applied, with the emblem of the municipality to which they belong, the authorization and the relative license number.

What are the main duties and services of a NCC?
Drivers who work as NCC must accompany people or groups from one place to another.
This service is mainly chosen:
* From companies or freelancers for representation services, staff transfers, business trips or commitments.
* By people who prefer an exclusive means and who require more privacy and discretion;
* From groups of friends who leave together and need, for example, a ride at the airport or station;
* From tourists who want to visit a city in total relaxation and carefree, avoiding the crowded public transport that is often not very manageable due to delays or traffic.
These are just some examples to give you, in principle, some situations in which an NCC driver could be indispensable.
Unlike other means of transporting people, this service is particularly convenient not only because you can book in advance knowing how much you will spend, but also because the drivers are friendly and prepared people, dressed in official uniform (dark suit, shirt and tie) and able to converse in other languages ​​with foreign passengers.
What do you need to become a driver of a rental vehicle with driver?
Is this enough to know how to become an NCC? NO, attitude is also fundamental, as it is a job in which the relationship with the customer is very important.
The latter expects an impeccable service, therefore, the driver must always be polite and courteous but at the same time discreet, have the right conversation and never embarrass the customer who has requested the service.
In traffic, in addition to respecting the highway code, it is important to maintain control of the situation, but above all maximum punctuality is required.

Is it essential to have your own car and a VAT number?
After you have achieved all the requirements to obtain the NCC authorization, you need a car to start practicing the profession.
This can be owned if you work independently, or, if you want to work as an employee, the vehicles of the vehicle fleet of the company you work for are used.

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